@3XN Architecs
@3XN Architecs

Mario Steiner is an Austrian Architect and works at Cobe Architects in Copenhagen. 

He worked for four years at 3XN Architects in Copenhagen, where he was part on several German projects like the CUBE in Berlin, Schüco Headquarter in Bielefeld or Duale Hochschule in Stuttgart. His challenging task is to work in the interface between competition and execution phase.


Since 2019, he is part of Scale Denmark, where he leads architecture tours in Copenhagen.


With his Master Thesis Marianne, in collaboration with Atelier Thomas Pucher, he finished 2017 his Master in Architecture on the University of Applied Science in Graz. The years before he gained a lot of experience at Feld72 Architects in Vienna, Schneider & Schneider Architects in Aarau and from several competitions and freelance projects.


He believes that optimism is one of the most powerful tools in architecture.